2017 Fosscon Schedule
Ibrahim TheaterSouth AmericaAsia & AfricaEuropeNorth America (Workshops)Galleria
9:00am-10:10amCheck in and Registration in Main Lobby
10:20am-10:50amKeynote: Why Community MattersVendors and community projects on display
11:00am-11:50amThe Future of Education is OpenA punch card ate my program!Bitcoin and cryptocurrency - fools gold or new paradigm?FOSS in Amateur Radio - Oink OinkA Brief Introduction To GNU Screen.
12:00pm-12:50pmAmateur Radio License Examinations
1:00pm-1:50pmNMON - powerful open source performance monitoringStarGates: The Theory and PracticeCentralized Let's Encrypt Certificate managementStarting a Podcast Using F/LOSS Software or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love RSS+XML
2:00pm-2:50pmThe Open Sourcing of InfrastructureWorking in the OpenBGP - Finding Your Way Through The Series Of Tubes.The Ecere SDK: the open-source cross-platform toolkit 20 years after its inceptionOpen Source Bayesian Inference in Python with PyMC3
3:00pm-3:50pmPIGS IN SPACE!! (How to write a billing system that doesn't suck)Regulatory Compliance with Open Source SoftwareIcinga2bot: A chatbot plugin for server monitoringAndroid without GoogleBuilding a More Lively LiveCD
4:00pm-4:50pmLightning Talks (Hosted by R Geoffrey Avery)