Remedial Math for Programmers

Walt Mankowski
Talk Description: 

Have you ever struggled through a programming interview because you couldn’t remember some math you learned in high school? Do you want to understand some of the math behind video games and machine learning? Want to brush up your math skills before taking some online computer classes? Then this is the talk for you! We’ll take a whirlwind tour through the most important math concepts in computer science. We’ll review:

* Exponents and logarithms, and why understanding them is so important to writing fast code
* The modulus operator and what it’s good for
* Practical applications of sines and cosines
* Linear algebra, the foundation of computer graphics and machine learning

Walt is a recovering recovering ivory tower computer scientist. He’s a long-time Perl programmer and short-time Python programmer who enjoys pointing out things that Perl does better than Python to his friends and coworkers. He enjoys Perl, Python, regular expressions, high-performance computing, and Futurama.