Where Is My Flying Car?

Keith Perry
Talk Description: 

The unintended consequences of technology - why we do we have certain technologies now and not others.

Keith C. Perry is founder and managing member of DAO Technologies LLC. DAO is a technology management and consulting company serving the mid-Atlantic region. DAO stands for Durable, Adaptable, and Open. These are the three core principles that provide the philosophical basis for the solutions they provide. With a customer oriented approach, they take pride in their work no matter the size of the client. Keith attended Drexel University where he earned a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering and has been working in this field since the 1990's. The constant evolution of technology and applying it to solve problems is what has continued to inspire and motivate him. Keith was previously a board member of the local professional chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE). These days he is most active with the Philadelphia Linux Users Group (PLUG) but from time to time may be spotted at other technology meetings. He is a currently a member of the African American Chamber of Commerce (AACO) and the Main Line Chamber of Commerce (MLCC). When not working with technology, Keith enjoys being out cycling or just surrounded by nature.