Domain Name System, or Deviated Nasal Septum?

Charlie Li
Talk Description: 

Recalling a simplistic string, like a brand name, to access its associated internet resources usually results in instant gratification. Usually.

Getting to the instant gratification stage takes much work behind the scenes. We will cover how a (usually) well-defined patchwork of data stores lead internet users to their intended destinations. We will also show three major softwares implementing all or parts of the system and their roles. Further, we will plant the intuition to use DNS on even the smallest scales, on one's own machines at home or on one's lap, to even making sure an internet phone system works properly!

Despite how simple a concept of DNS may seem to a casual technologist, the topic gets loaded quickly. One is hard-pressed to find a 99 per cent of use cases to describe to someone not familiar with the details. Authoritative or resolving? Why does this domain point to the wrong resource? The whole setup and intuition may seem more like a physical disorder of the nose and its associated symptoms. Hopefully we can construct a smooth (air) flow despite.

This talk was inspired by both a mailing list thread and IRC discussions within the Philadelphia Linux Users Group, plus helping struggling technical partners with their necessarily convoluted DNS setups.

Charlie is (for now) a university dropout and owner of Wahgwan Industry Limited, a diversified technical services company. An open source connoisseur since early, he currently contributes to the FreeBSD project among others and builds nearly everything he uses from source. When not destroying his eyes in front of various screens, he may pedal on two wheels somewhere.