Adventures in Dunderland: Introduction to the Python Data Model

Walt Mankowski
Talk Description: 

Python is designed to be easy to learn for beginners, and easy to pick
up for experienced programmers. But Python's simplicity means you
might not be using all the features the language has to offer. In this
talk I'll review the Python data model, which is the key to writing
idiomatic Python code. You'll learn how to emulate the behavior of
Python's internal types such as sequences and dictionaries using
Python's special double-underscore ("dunder") methods.

Walt Mankowski is a senior software engineer at Syapse, where he helps healthcare providers bring precision medicine to cancer patients. Walt's a recovering ivory tower computer scientist who enjoys pointing out things that Perl does better than Python to his coworkers. He enjoys Perl, regular expressions, high-performance computing, and Futurama.