LEGO and Open Source

Daniel Pikora
Talk Description: 

This is a slide-based presentation discussing how the LEGO hobby community and the open source community play off each other. This talk provides an overview of a wide variety of topics, spanning from CAD programs and Mindstorms firmware to 3D printing custom parts and sharing custom instructions.

Daniel Pikora is a lifelong LEGO hobbyist known for the unusual breadth of his creations, which have been enjoyed by the unwashed masses at various shows across the US and Canada. He started the blog LMOTD in 2007 and currently writes for BZPower. After graduating from North Carolina State University in 2009, he was a Software Engineer for Talari Networks until an injury in 2012 sidelined his professional career. He's currently employed as a Java Developer for a government contractor and remains active in a variety of professional and hobby organizations.