Replacing memcached with ValuStor

Derek Ramsey
Talk Description: 

Many large database-driven applications rely on caching to improve performance. Memcached is very popular, but choosing it can mean sacrificing reliability, scalability, redundancy, availability, and security. ValuStor is an easy-to-use key-value database client layer written in C++ that pairs with the Scylla open-source distributed NoSQL persistent-storage database to address these concerns. ValuStor includes features like client-side write queues, multi-threading support, automatic adaptive consistency, and support for multiple data types (including JSON).

This presentation will show how you can replace your RAM-only caching infrastructure and still achieve high performance in a persistent database. You will learn how to maximize fault tolerance and improve scalability while doing it more securely and without sacrificing performance. It is a different approach to caching that may help you sleep better at night.

Derek is the Software Engineering Manager at Sensaphone in Aston, Pennsylvania. There he and his team produce monitoring devices that protect critical infrastructure and alert when things go wrong. A longtime proponent of free and open content, Derek authored ~33,000 U.S. county and city Wikipedia articles with the assistance of the Rambot.