Ecere is a Canadian graphics software company offering a comprehensive suite of cross-platform geospatial software, including Geographic Information System (GIS) tools, a cross-platform cartographic and 3D visualization API, as well as map server technology enabling the deployment of large scale Spatial Data Infrastructures minimizing bandwidth requirements.
In addition to our geospatial endeavors, we have been developing a Free and Open Source cross-platform general purpose Software Development Kit since 1997 (prior to the company's incorporation in 2005). The SDK provides a rich API for platform-independent Graphical User Interface, 2D & 3D Graphics, networking capability, database access, and a lot more, and can be used from a variety of programming languages.
We also develop the open-source Ecere IDE and a compiler for the eC language, which we designed as an object-oriented superset of C, featuring properties, reflection and dynamic modules.
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