Why Community Matters

Shilla Saebi
Talk Description: 

Behind open source, there is a strong culture, and sometimes in some organizations debate on whether or not to use it, or contribute to it, can rise. Open source strikes a challenge for people to approach things in an innovative way, look for solutions that are outside the traditional box, and doing so in a collaborative environment where transparency is the most significant asset.

Often times, enterprises struggle with the idea of using open source and major changes are needed to be able to play in the open source world. In this discussion, Shilla will talk about the importance of open source community collaboration and upstream contributions, and dive deeper into why community even matters.

Shilla Saebi is an open source community development lead and has been with Comcast for 7 years. She is currently helping build out open source communities around products that are pushed upstream, as well as further developing an open source-style culture and methodology within Comcast. She has spent over a decade in the tech industry in diverse positions with organizations in the DC area including the federal sector, and various engineering roles for tier-1 service providers, and recently moved to Philadelphia, PA. Shilla has a passion for technology and thrives on well-designed architecture and engineering solutions. She is also an open source contributor and actively participates in the Women of OpenStack working group. Shilla strongly believes in the open source paradigm and promotes community collaboration.