StarGates: The Theory and Practice

John Ashmead
Talk Description: 

Call them Stargates, Jumpgates, Fargates, Hypergates or just an invitation to every pest from the far reaches of the Galaxy to visit, they would be invaluable in helping mankind break free of this solar system.

Are StarGates only a convenient plot device -- or could they actually be built? Accordingly to Einstein's Theory of General Relavity, they are possible -- at least in principle.

We will discuss how to glue black holes together to build a wormhole, how to avoid the dangers of spaghettification, radiation poisoning and paradox noise, and just what would it take to build one in practice.

John Ashmead has a BA in physics from Harvard (summa cum laude) and a masters in physics from Princeton He is currently working on completing his dissertation at Princeton, on the subject of Time & Quantum Mechanics. He talks on various physics & science related topics at local science fiction conventions (in Philadelphia, Baltimore, & Washington DC). By day, he maintains the database & web front end for a leading manufacturer of optical switches, a key element of the Internet. The database is in PostgreSQL, the web front end in Ruby on Rails, and the whole system runs on Linux. He is active in the Philadelphia PostgreSQL community.