The Open Sourcing of Infrastructure

Elizabeth K. Joseph
Talk Description: 

Open source is incredibly popular in today's technology stacks, and we've been seeing a shift in how infrastructures are being managed with open source tooling.

Well over a decade ago the LAMP stack broke us free from proprietary infrastructure tooling. With subsequent the rise of open source configuration management systems, websites sprung up so that common configurations, like Puppet modules and Chef recipes, from these systems could be shared between organizations using them in production.

Today, following a rush to cloud, companies are now looking for open source tooling to build cloud-like environments in their own new data centers. Technologies like OpenStack and DC/OS, powered by Apache Mesos, are allowing them to replicate much of the functionality that was previously only available with proprietary, hosted solutions. Taking this one step further, several open source projects and organizations have begun full-scale open sourcing of their infrastructures, allowing other organizations to directly benefit from their Continuous Integration tooling and more. Complete infrastructures have now become open source projects unto themselves, and operations engineers becoming more experienced open source contributors, alongside their developer colleagues.

Elizabeth K. Joseph is a Developer Advocate at Mesosphere focused on DC/OS and Apache Mesos and runs Previously, she worked for a decade as a Linux Systems Administrator, spending the past four years working HPE on the OpenStack Infrastructure team. She is the author of Common OpenStack Deployments (2016) The Official Ubuntu Book, 8th (2014) and 9th (2016) editions.